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In collaboration with PostFinance, the Esports Experiment is being developed, a project that for the first time will allow five League of Legends players to train full-time for a year.

In Switzerland, it is incredibly difficult to become an Esports professional. Esports is still in its infancy in Switzerland, which also means that there isn't much money in circulation yet. With Switzerland's high wage level, it is financially practically impossible to adequately remunerate professional athletes. In Switzerland, all Esportler are forced to work. Even in international competition, only the top players earn enough to make a living. The Swiss in particular, with their high cost of living, are clearly at a disadvantage and cannot easily quit their job and devote themselves to a professional career.

Springboard to a gamer career

With the Esports Experiment, PostFinance is now enabling five young League of Legends players to start a career as professionals. For one year, she will finance their lives, including a salary of CHF 2,500 a month. The players live in a gaming house with a fully equipped training room and are looked after by an internationally experienced coach and various consultants in a professional environment. The aim is for the team to prove itself on the European stage and to make the leap to the European top.

Attracting attention

Another goal is to educate the public: gaming is becoming more and more socially accepted and popular. The Esports experiment is a catalyst for this development. The reporting of the mainstream media and thus also the attention of the population and possible sponsors is in the interest of all involved. For this reason, the project is documented in detail. What does a team cost? How much do the athletes train? What do they do besides the game? How is the team supported by the staff to be successful? These and many other questions should be clarified and the game should be brought closer to the population.

What happens next?

Interested parties can apply for a place in the team by filling out the form until 20 August. The most suitable players will be selected by the coach and the team will be put together by October. In January 2019, the team will start to play full-time League of Legends for twelve months.

Further details about the project will be announced in the coming weeks.
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